With the trade war between the US and China re-escalating once more, investors are again casting frightened glances at declining global trade volumes, which as Bloomberg writes today, “threaten to upend the global economy’s much-anticipated rebound and could even throw its decade-long expansion into doubt if the conflict spirals out […]

A series of terrifying interactive maps highlight how a measles epidemic could sweep across the US, as the nation struggles with spiraling rates of the life-threatening infection. The maps lay bare how the virus could spread across entire cities if current vaccination rates dropped from 95 percent to 80 percent. […]

Paleo, keto, vegetarian, vegan? These days, sorting out what we’re supposed to eat for optimal health can be incredibly confusing—with seemingly contradictory dietary approaches being touted as the end-all-be-all approach to wellness by different groups. But while we may never be able to agree on one “best” diet for everyone, we do know that supporting…

Bitcoin prices have accelerated recent gains overnight since Trump unleashed the latest round of incremental tariffs on China (and soft capital controls continue). This morning’s spike topped $7,000… The highest since September 2018… But bitcoin is not alone. As China-US trade tensions have re-escalated, cryptos have all surged… As we hinted […]