Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a “reboot” button for an entire state? Because the truth is that if an entire state ever needed to completely start over it is the state of California. At this point it has become the epicenter for just about everything that is wrong […]

For those readers who care more about Donald Trump, Obama’s legacy or the Republican/Democrat parties rather than the Rule of Law and what remains of the US Constitution, the following scenario should be a Giant Wake up Call. As the result of an anonymous “whistleblower” Complaint filed against President Trump on August […]

It is difficult to win a debate on ethics when you are pitted against a crowd of tech-acolytes. I was taking the position that a more vital consideration in developing cities are ethical ones rather than the smartness of the technology utilised in the infrastructure and running of facilities or […]

Interactions between politics and religion began with the birth of politics. For centuries, this relationship continued to undergo metamorphoses, especially, at times, when either sphere attempted to dominate the other. From the onset, religion has always been used as a tool by politicians to hold on to power. Out of […]

After the Turkish offensive into Syria, European governments are confronted again with the thorny problem of what to do with the “foreign fighters“. Foreign fighters are Muslim extremists who left their countries of residence to join ISIS and fight against Western civilization and values. Most of them are men, but many […]

Have you ever wondered how all those Wikipedia articles get produced… you know, the ones you pull up on your phone to look up an actor, an author, or a recipe, or a historical or scientific fact? Unfortunately, one of the Consent Factory staff had an opportunity to find out […]

George Reby was driving from New Jersey to Tennessee to pick up a car he had purchased on eBay when he was stopped for speeding. Like many Americans, George felt he had nothing to hide from the police. So when the officer asked him if he was carrying any large […]