Russia: Gas Pipeline Nord Stream II uses climate policy

Pipelaying of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline

Russia promotes more European understanding of the Nord Stream II German-Russian pipeline project.

“Our energy relations stand for interdependence, intertwining, and mutual benefit, and this partnership can be an effective tool to defuse geopolitical conflicts,” he said of the Energy Committee of the Russian State Duma, Pawel Sawalny, opposite the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”. Sawalny further emphasized: “Anyone who acts lucratively, let alone invest, does not wage wars”. The “International Conference on Perspectives for Energy Cooperation between Russia and the EU in the Gas Sector” will be held in Berlin on 16 May.

In the future, Germany intends to further increase the import of Russian natural gas with the help of the Nord Stream II pipeline. For many EU partners and the United States comes to massive criticism. The accusation: The project is growing Europe’s dependence on Russian gas supplies and Moscow could put pressure on gas transit countries like Ukraine. In Moscow, attempts are made to dispel such doubts about the pipeline, which has already been largely completed. The project “complies with the European diversification doctrine, satisfies the profitability requirements of European energy companies and the strictest environmental and safety standards,” Sawalny said.
In addition, the pipeline could make an important contribution to achieving ambitious energy and climate goals. “Because the carbon footprint will average nine million tons less per year,” Sawalny told NOZ. “In addition, the profits that companies make by implementing the project will generate new budget revenues and investment opportunities for the Ensure the subsidization of renewable energies “.According to Savalny, the Russian gas company Gazprom delivered some 202 billion cubic meters of tap gas to European countries in 2018; Around 81 percent of deliveries were generated in Western Europe. With 58.5 billion cubic meters, Germany was the largest buyer. These figures, Sawalny said, “clearly show how confidence in Russia’s pipeline gas, demand for it today and, in the future, is increasing as Europe’s own production declines”.

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