Pompeo in Berlin: Enough explosive for the transatlantic relations

Mike Pompeo – Photo: Gage Skidmore CC-BY-SA-3.0

Prior to the visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Berlin, politicians are urging the federal government to higher arms spending. But punitive tariffs, Iran and Nord Stream 2, are issues that may be uncomfortable for the Chancellor.

“It is crucial that Germany and the US again find more in common,” said the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Norbert Röttgen, the “Editorial Network Germany”. Röttgen referred to Berlin’s obligations to Washington: “On the German side, it is our obligation to meet our financial and related performance obligations in NATO as agreed.”

Deputy FDP leader Alexander Graf Lambsdorff also urged the German government to honor its pledge to increase the defense budget: “With the reduction of the Bundeswehr budget from 2021, Germany will no longer be a reliable ally in NATO – and even if individual representatives of the United States criticize it In the tone they are right: Germany is right, Germany must also take its grown international responsibility financially.

In addition, the conflict over higher import duties on motor vehicles from Europe must be defused. “President Trump must finally take his threat to impose punitive tariffs on German cars off the table. A trade war with the EU harms Americans as well as Europeans, “continued Lambsdorff.

In the case of Iran, however, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) should oppose the US line: “In dealing with Iran, the Federal Government must urge the US not to let growing tensions escalate further.” The FDP Politician warned of a military conflict between the US and Iran. It would “massively destabilize the Middle East, have unforeseeable consequences for Israel, and possibly lead to a new flow of refugees to Europe.”

More hardness compared to the US

Greens foreign expert Omid Nouripour urged the federal government to be tougher on the US government. “I hope that US Foreign Minister Pompeo does not have it too easy in Berlin,” said the Bundestag member of the “ENG”. “President Trump and Foreign Minister Pompeo are loud and ineffective,” criticized Nouripour, pointing to US policy in the Middle East, North Korea, and Venezuela.

Nor should we forget about the dispute surrounding Nord Stream 2. A weak federal government could run the risk of giving up this position and endanger Europe’s supply security with gas. So could Nord Stream 2 also serve as a deal with the Americans. According to the motto: Let’s get the max. 1.5 percent in military spending for NATO, but we break the deal with Russia and buy your expensive fracking gas.

That the Chancellor gets through all the points with the US-American partners, is almost impossible. That’s the way it is if you’re not the master in your own house. Merkel is more likely to sit out and move. That’s what she always did. She has long understood that you can let time work for you – and that works mostly.

Maas relies on dialogue with the US

Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas relies on a close alliance with the Trump government. “Practically all major international issues and conflicts can only be worked on and solved in dialogue with the US,” said the SPD politician to the “ENG”. “We need the tight line to Washington. That is why we have a vital interest in working closely with the Americans on urgent international issues and defending Europe’s position. ”

The list of topics that Maas wants to discuss with Pompeo on Tuesday afternoon is long. “We will talk about the situation in Ukraine, Venezuela, Iran, and Syria. Other important topics include our relationship with Russia and China, “said the Federal Foreign Minister. “It’s good that Mike Pompeo is in the Foreign Office today so we can vote on these issues.”

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