Christchurch Assassination: Government wants to censor Senator for “disgusting” remarks

Australian Senator, Fraser Anning – Credits: Screenshot

The Australian government has announced it will censor the “racist” Senator from Queensland. His “ugly” and “horrible” statements have led to great criticism throughout the country and in the world.

Australian Senator Fraser Anning hinted that the churchgoers who died in Christchurch, New Zealand on Friday, were the victims of a deadly terrorist attack and were themselves responsible for their murder. According to the BBC, Senator Anning will be officially censored for his words and deeds. This was also confirmed by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who announced on Saturday that the government of Anning would be state censored after his “appalling” allegations, reports Sputnik.

The Queensland politician Anning had tweeted after the massacre: “Does anyone still deny the connection between Muslim immigration and violence?”

Although the Senator later stated that he did not support the terrible murders, he nevertheless took the opportunity to repeat his remarks. “The real cause of the bloodshed is the immigration program that allows Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand,” the New York Times quoted him as saying. Which should not be completely outlandish.

Canberra, as well as the rest of the world, condemned Anning’s comments. The Australian Prime Minister noted that Anning’s “views have no place in Australia”. Without opposition, the opposition Labor Party met with the Conservative government of Morrison, who hastily filed a no-confidence motion against Anning. “Normally, I would not even waste my temper on this issue, but I would like Senator Anning [… ] explicitly and completely denounce his attack on the Islamic faith, “Morrison said. “These comments are appalling and they are ugly and have no place in Australia […], let alone in the Australian Parliament,” added the PM.

The senator’s statement from Queensland brought him a public argument with a 15-year-old teenager who slapped an egg in his face during an interview. The juvenile malefactor was first slapped by Anning, then he was knocked down by onlookers and temporarily detained by the police.

A GoFundMe page was created to cover the teenager’s legal fees, if at all, as he was quickly released by the police after a promise not to repeat the celebrated action. Did he want to buy more eggs afterward to throw them at Anning?

The online charity scored over US $ 2,215 within hours, according to Deutsche Welle.


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